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Car Removal

A junk car on your home today can be a home to wild plants and poisonous animals tomorrow.

A junk car not only loses its working strength but also loses all its shines. Keeping such cars nearby a house takes away all the charms the house has. Leaving it idle in the garage for long can also leave the place polluted. Such cars start to collect rust and dust and spiders start to knit their webs. Furthermore, many wild plants and poisonous animals start taking it as a shelter. If cars are left idle for long, they will also start to secrete toxic substances. With more harm than good, it’s definitely not wise to keep junk cars in your place for long. Instead, you can get it removed for good. For that, you can consider A1Express Car Removal. As we provide scrap car removal for cash, you will also make some money in the process. Moreover, our free junk car removal service will save you some bucks.

There are a handful of scrap car removal companies in Sydney, which offer free car towing services. They do not pay any money to the customers but make big revenue by selling such junk cars to scrap metal dealers. Unlike such buyers, we pay top cash for junk cars and at the same time offer free car removal. Our junk car removal for cash service pays up to $50,000 for your vehicle. Along with a big sum of money, we also ensure easy, safe, and hassle-free car removal.

Car Removal for Cash in Sydney

We usually consider selling our vehicles to make some money. Some people consider getting rid of their vehicle to make some space for a new vehicle. If you want both of these at the same time, you may need to call two separate companies for the job. But there are a few car-towing companies, which offer bundled service that includes cash and vehicle removal. In this already scarce list, the companies that pay a noteworthy salvage value are even fewer. A1 Express Car Removal is one of such rare kinds that do not hesitate to pay big amounts to your junk vehicle.

We are a New South Wales-based company currently providing our services in Sydney. So you can take advantage of our free unwanted car removal service in Penrith, Liverpool, Campbelltown, Blacktown, Inner West, Parramatta, Hornsby, Bankstown, Northern Beaches, St Marys, Fairfield, Strathfield, and all the other suburb of Sydney. While removing your vehicle, we won’t be fussy over its type and condition. We offer free car pick up for the following types of vehicles.

Junk Cars

If your car stopped running or stopped being noteworthy, it may serve you no good purpose. Keeping such cars in the garage can pollute the place with the rust and dust it collects. Such cars only occupy space in your property, which you could use for fun and recreation activities or parking a new vehicle. So to help you toss out such vehicles, our service can be handy.

Scrap Cars

With prolonged use of the vehicle, its parts start to wear out. Some of its parts get torn up or fall apart. Repairing such vehicles can cost you an arm and a leg. So understanding a suitable time, car owners should consider letting it go and for that service, we are always at your disposal.

Unwanted Cars

With time, people’s choice changes. So sometimes, people’s love for their automobile may start to fade off with time. You may not feel the same love for your car now as you did it before. With new vehicles already available, you may stop wanting it again. Keeping such unwanted cars is just a waste of space. You can actually sell and earn money handsome. And if you consider us, we will provide top cash with free unwanted car pick up.

Old Car

Unless you have a collection of cars and willing to keep it safe to show to the upcoming generation, keeping old cars may not be feasible. They devour gasoline and are not efficient on the ride. If it’s old enough, it will stop being roadworthy. In such a scenario, getting your vehicle removed would be a wise step. It will offer you some cash, which you can add to buy a new one. If you had already considered removing but hadn’t found a reliable place for the job, you now have us. Our service ensures a safe, quick, and hassle-free removal of your vehicle.

Damaged Car

Have your car ran into an accident? Is it damaged by hailstones, fire, or flood? Is it wrecked or crashed? If you have yes as an answer to any of the questions above, then you might be facing a tough time. A damaged car can be costly if you take them for repairs. Keeping these kinds of vehicles at your place will constantly remind you of the horrific incident. If you are tired of looking at these kinds of misfortunate cars, you might consider selling them off. And if you are interested, our removal will handle it off really well.

Why Choose Us?

Our service is jam-packed with good features and below is the list of things that advocates why you should really choose our services.

  • We ensure safe, quick, and hassle-free removal of your vehicles free of cost.
  • We pick up all sorts of vehicles irrespective of their age, brand, model, and condition. You can bring your old, useless, unwanted, damaged, accidental, junk, and scrap cars to us and we will remove them from your property without a fuss.
  • We ensure the safe removal of your vehicle from your garage, driveway, or road. And we do it without creating any sort of mess.
  • In addition to removing the vehicle, we also pay a noteworthy sum of money. Considering the situation of the vehicle, the amount we pay can go up to $50,000.
  • We have a pool of proficient workers at our disposal that works round the clock. So if you have a car to remove, you can schedule the time for pickup at any time convenient to you. We will be there to pick up right on time.
  • The scrap vehicles we collect are taken for auto recycling. As we carry out eco-friendly car recycling, it will help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • We are hospitable and strive to provide maximum benefits to our customers. Because of it, our service is often regarded as the best scrap car pick up service in Sydney.

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