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Selling An Old Car? Here Are Some Useful Tips

Selling an old car
  • A1 Express
  • Dec 15, 2020

Has your car finally given up and you are looking for a way to get rid of your junked and old cars? Are you confused over all the possible ways of selling an old car for cash? If your answer to any or both of these questions is “yes” then you are at the right place. You see, getting rid of an old or unroadworthy car can be a tough job and it is totally understandable.

Due to easy financing options and lower prices, most people nowadays prefer new cars over old ones. But the market for old cars is still running and will stay active for many years to come. Now, there is a big chance that you will fall for a trap or a scam in this active and huge market. In order for you to avoid this, here are some pro tips that might help you get exactly what your car is worth. The tips have been categorized under different selling options that you choose:

Selling An Old Cars To “Cash For Car” Services

Selling An Old Car

Cash For Car service providers are companies that will pick up your car and provide you with a reasonable price. These services are provided mostly by junkyards or salvage yards that will recycle your old cars for junk metal and parts. CFC services are quite swift and hassle-free since there is no complicated paperwork involved. But choosing the right CFC service provider can be a tough job since there are so many options. Here are some tips while dealing with a Cash For Cars service:

  • Choose the service provider that is nearest to your neighborhood and those which provide free junk cars removal service. If you choose the CFCs that are a few miles away, additional charges may be applied for transportation.
  • Compare all the service providers in your neighborhood and choose the one which offers you the highest price.

Selling Old Cars To Car Dealerships

If you have ever looked around your neighborhood, you might see plenty of car dealerships. These dealerships buy almost any type of old car regardless of their condition, age, model, and brand. Most of the time you might have to trade in your junk car for a new one or a pre-owned one from the same dealership. This helps you land great deals on brand new cars and your old car is also disposed of for free. But note that these dealerships are profit-oriented and you might not get paid as per the resale value.

Some dealerships might even pay you more than your car is worth, but they might just be increasing the value of your old vehicle at the cost of a possible discount on the vehicle you’re looking at. Dealerships offer convenient service up to some extent. But sometimes the hassle created by complex paperwork and process can give you headaches. These tips might help you while dealing with car dealerships:

  • Always know your car’s worth prior to visiting a car dealership. This is because most of the dealerships are profit-oriented and will offer you a significantly low price than your car’s worth.
  • Same as with Cash For Car services, always choose the dealership that is nearest to you.
  • Search for dealerships that are providing special exchange offers and discounts. This helps you save a huge amount while buying a new car.

Selling an Old Cars Privately

Selling an Old Cars

Not everyone can afford a new car. Due to financial or other problems, some people prefer to buy used old cars over expensive brand new cars. You can turn this problem of others to your benefit. After adding a few small touchups from inside and outside, your old cars can look as fresh as a new one. This might compel the buyers to pay heavy pieces for your old junk. Shiny looks, clean from the outside, the fresh smell from the inside can make your old car irresistible to buyers. However, finding a second-hand car buyer can get hectic. Since fewer people are interested in paying cash for old cars, you might have to let go of your junked and old car for a very low price.

But in today’s world, with the help of the internet, this becomes a piece of cake. You can post ads on a social media platform like Facebook or an online marketplace like eBay. Then upload appealing photos and attach a complete description of the vehicle. eBay even allows you to set up an auction for your vehicle so that only the highest bidding buyer will get your car. But note that if you are dealing with a buyer on your own, you are exposed to all the risks that come with it. Here are some tips that might help you while selling a car privately:

  • Ask them as many questions as possible because sooner or later you are going to meet them in person. This helps you understand the intentions of the dealer or the potential buyer before you meet them in person.
  • Always meet in a public spot because they are safe and neutral. If possible, try bringing a friend of yours and let the buyer know about this ahead of time.
  • Serious car buyers and dealers don’t just wander around on any website on the internet. You will find them in popular sites that are well managed and functional. Also, avoid rummage-style sites.
  • At any cost, don’t share your private information like address and also do not include your or your family member’s face in the ad picture.

Dismantling The Car And Selling Parts Separately

Even if it doesn’t run or take you to places, your car has valuable parts inside it. These parts can be functional and can still go on for a long time. Just throwing them away for nothing will be sheer stupidity. You can easily find other people who might be struggling to find those parts for their cars. After adding small touchups to the internal and external accessories of your vehicle, you can sell them for great prices.

Although dismantling a whole vehicle might sound a bit difficult, it is not impossible and definitely doesn’t harm your profits. After dismantling the car and removing the parts, you can post ads on online marketplaces like eBay. Note that, you should be able to identify the parts that are still working properly. You might even need help with this. Here are some useful tips for you if you have decided to pursue this opinion:

  • Sort out the functional and completely useless parts separately. If possible, take notes of all the parts that you extract from the vehicle.
  • Sell the scrap metal(iron, steel, aluminum) and non-functional parts to scrap metal recyclers.
  • Repair the parts that can still be functional and sell them immediately.

Common Mistakes That People Make While Selling An Old Car

People make the same kind of mistakes over and over again without even realizing what they did wrong. Here are a few of those common mistakes while selling an old car that you should avoid at any cost:

  • Not knowing the worth of your car: Before selling an old car or posting ads online, you have to make sure of its value. Figuring the selling price isn’t rocket science but you are definitely up for some leg work. However, with A1 Express Car Removal’s free online valuation tool, you get to know your old car’s worth within minutes.
  • Spending too much on repairs: Making big repairs and modifications to your old car can allow you to ask for a slightly higher price. However, it will never cover your repair expenses and the profits won’t even be that significant. If you have any issues with an old car then it might be better to let the buyer know about it before selling. An unhappy buyer could end up suing you for selling a scrap car for a higher price. So always be honest with the buyer.

Hurrying up and making decisions hastily: People are often in a rush to sell their old cars. Most of them end up selling the car to the first buyer that contacts them even if it is for a low price. But it is always better to be patient and wait as someone out there will actually pay you as per your expectations.

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