# Sydney's No. 1 Car Removal

Junk cars are vehicles that are old, damaged, and rusted enough that selling their parts would be more effective and profitable rather than spending money on repairs. Junk car removal companies have been providing services for decades. However, only a few of them have managed to provide satisfaction to the clients. In that rare list of reliable car removal companies, A1 Express sits on the top spot. With our professional expertise, we have always been able to offer junk car removal in the simple, quick, and the most reliable manner.

Apart from being the most reliable car removal company in Australia, we also provide top dollars for your dusted and rusted cars. You can access our junk car removal service around the major cities of Australia such as Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong, and Maitland. You can contact us to remove your junk and unwanted cars from your house, surroundings or from any other places. We provide car removal services with free pickup facilities. The company provides instant cash for car removal offering up to $10,000. The company also provides services even if you have lost your keys or important documents of your cars.

How does Junk Car Removal work?

Removing junk cars is one of the most important jobs because junk, rusty vehicles deteriorate our surroundings and cause negative impacts. So, why waste and deteriorate the environment where we live? Call us immediately so that we can collect these scrap vehicles from your ground and store them in our yard. We dismantle; wreck these vehicles without harming the nature of the environment. First, the fluids, liquids, and fuel are drained then we supply them to the waste fuel disposal team. And then we start dismantling and wrecking process. We implement a cutting edge disposal system that helps us in the quick dismantling of vehicles. On dismantling each part of a vehicle, we separate the parts that are in good condition. Now we replace them with other vehicles or resell them. The company hires experienced professional teams of dismantlers and wreckers who will provide quick and convenient services for you. A1 Express Car Removal provides a hassle-free car removal service. The easiest and fastest way to get cash for junk and unwanted cars. Vehicle removal at A1 Express Car Removal is just a phone call away. Call us and our professional team will be at your doorsteps.