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How important is Proof of Ownership?

The thing you need any time when you sell your car is proof of ownership. This includes when you junk your car or sale, whether they’re brand new or ready to be sold for parts, must comply with state and local laws for that sale to be valid.

Your car may be headed for the salvage lot, but the law requires you to prove you own the vehicle before you liquidate it to a junkyard. In addition to the owner’s title, an auction sales receipt, a mechanic’s lien, a storage lot lien, or a repossession affidavit can establish proof of ownership. Your state’s Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) can tell you how to get proof of ownership.

What should I provide to get your top dollar price for my scrap car?

Proof of ownership. That’s all. Old or current registration papers usually work best. The driver’s license also helps. If we need anything else, our professional team of experts will kindly assist you.  Furthermore, you should also give a careful attention if there are any ongoing schemes or special offers. Such offers can be really lucrative if you are seriously concerned about selling your old scrap cars.

What cars do you accept?

All cars with any model, make, year and condition are widely accepted here. We accept sedan, SUV, 4WDs, Utes, buses, vans, and 4x4s; as well as heavy vehicles such as trucks, loaders, excavators, forklifts, and generators. Kindly contact us if you are unsure about this question.

Is RWC or REGO required for scrapping a car in Australia?

To scrap your car for cash in return, ideally no roadworthy or safety certificate is required to sell your car in any state. As a dealer who is licensed it is okay to buy and transfer the car to further scrap it. What we really require is the documents to verify the ownership of the car that is being scrapped and this can be done with the license or any other relevant valid documentation that will prove the identity and ownership for the car you are wishing to scrap.

Once your ownership is verified, we will evaluate the condition of the car and the parts using our intelligent automated wizard system and calculate the estimated worth of the car. This estimation will help us make you a realistic and competitive market price in Australia for which your car can be sold to us.

The payment is done in cash as soon as it is finalized and agreed by both parties making the process really quick, easy and time-saving. Don’t wait any further, contact us for a quote that will help you determine how much your car is worth and what is the best price that we can pay you.

Do you offer free Car pickups?

We do provide free pick up from any location. You do not have to worry about leaving your old beloved possession in some random place. The removal of these vehicles is usually carried out within the same day of placing the request. The requests for such services can either be placed online or through the phone.

Do you provide Assistance With Paperwork?

One of the major concerns for customers in the completion of paperwork for the scrap car. A1 Express assists customers with all the paperwork so that there is no delay or hassle in the completion of the process. However, as a customer, you are advised to understand every aspect of the paperwork before giving away your car.

We also take care that all the legal certifications are in place. We do not place our customers in any sort of vehicle-related hassles. High-quality service will be delivered as promised. At the same time, rates for scrap will definitely be competitive.

Are there any hidden costs?

None whatsoever! We will never surprise you with hidden costs for Scrap Car Removal services. Although many companies do that, rest assured that we won’t do such sneaky tactics on you, our respected customers. We simply want to purchase your car, pay you top dollar for it, and see to it that it is removed promptly, professionally, and with courtesy.

What do I need to do?

Be present at the time of pickup to provide us with proof of ownership before we hand over your cash for cars. If you cannot be present, and for hasslefree removal, you may designate any person to complete the transaction on your behalf through a scanned copy of your ownership papers, ID and signed note of authorization.

What steps do I have to follow?

We’ve made it as easy as 1-2-3. Simply follow three simple steps:
1. Get your free unbeatable quote
2. Receive the cash we quote and not a dollar less
3. Your scrap car is removed with courtesy and without hassle

Do you accept a damaged car?

We do purchase all cars despite the condition whether it is running or damaged. We value broken cars with fair prices and pay our customers with cash instantly at the end of the transaction.

What a customer must know before selling?

For a customer, it is important to know the market reputation of a car company that collects cash for cars. Our Scrap Car Removal service provided is friendly, honest and transparent. No hidden fees are charged to the customer. The company will take care to ensure that the process is smooth and leads to optimum customer satisfaction. For A1 Express, the condition of the vehicle does not matter. It could be battered or just plain old. Payment can be made from anywhere. Cash prices are available for cars and trucks. Any models of vehicles can be sold through this approach.

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