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Until now junk car wrecks did not have much going for them. From what was once a vehicle, only immovable and heavy metal pieces remain that collect rust. And even if the owner of these leftovers goes to a junkyard, one will likely not be able to expect more than a few dollars. But this bleak reality can now be a thing of the past thanks to A1 Express Car Removal, a Newcastle based junk car removal company that offers cash for car service in Newcastle and will give you an honest value for your vehicle.

There was a time when you had to pay for a junk car removal company to tow off your vehicle. But now you can sell your junk car and make some good money off of it. A simple phone call will give you an estimate for the sale and removal at your convenience; most times within 24 hours. At the time the vehicle will be towed off for free, you will receive your honest value in cash or money order.

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Scrap Car Removal in Newcastle

Without having to wait for the cash to clear, you will be left absolutely worry-free. It is not a secret that there are bad businesses out there that will seek any opportunity to take advantage of you. This is even truer when it comes to scrap cars. After all, they are called “junk” for a reason. And if you do not happen to be well-versed in car mechanics and evaluation, chances are that you could be somebody’s easy victim. But as Newcastle’s biggest junk car buyer, we have a reputation to keep. We will give you a true price; no bait-and-switch gimmicks that will coerce you to lower your expectations.

We promise to give you a great price that you can agree to or not, no obligation. Having A1 Express Car Removal Newcastle, a licensed junk car buyer, take care of your car also protects the environment, because all scraps are recycled as required by the latest state regulations.

In addition, you will receive a legal Certificate of Destructions and they can even help you with the DVLA documents if needed. Speaking of documents, missing ownership paperwork does not make it impossible for someone to sell their cars. In regards to the registration, the rules for the procedure are depending upon the state. Therefore even if you cannot find it, you should still contact and consult with us. In case your car’s title misplaced, a lost title application can be easily filled out to resolve this issue.

Instant Cash for your Cars

Deleted: Moreover, even your car keys disappearing is not an obstacle. A1 Express Car Removal Newcastle will buy your scrap vehicle with or without keys. No make or model is excluded from our services. And even more, no condition of the vehicle is excluded. A car that runs and works can also be sold. Because of this simplicity and reliability in our services, A1 Express is also renowned as the best place to sell scrap cars for cash.

Sometimes car owners will feel unconfident with selling their scraps because of its bad state or missing certain elements. They will attempt to sell parts of their vehicle and as a result, be left with very little of value. But we offer you the smartest choice; both financially and timewise. Even if you are skeptical, there is no harm in calling us. In fact, we operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. So you can reach out to us at any time convenient for you.

For more information and an absolutely honest car evaluation, please contact us at 0448695147 in Newcastle.