Selling A Car Privately Vs Trading
  • A1 Express
  • Jun 25, 2022

The most typical difficulty for new automobile owners is choosing an optimal disposal method for their old car: selling a car privately or trade-in their old car. Both options have pros and cons.

When disposing of a used automobile, you obviously want to get the greatest price, and both selling a car privately and trading it in can be sensible options in the appropriate circumstances.

While trading it to a dealer is more convenient, handling everything on your own yourself gives you greater control over the process. Do you think you’re a good salesperson? Is your pre-owned vehicle in good working order?

There are other factors to consider, but these facts can help you make a better-informed decision. In fact, you can access your vehicle on your own and decide instinctively whether selling it privately or trading it in can be beneficial.

If you still cannot decide, make it to the end of this detailed article where we have discussed the pros and cons of selling a car privately option.

When it comes to buying or selling a used automobile, everyone wants to feel like they came out on top. For some, this means trading to a dealership, and for others, it means selling privately. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of each choice before making your decision.

Selling A Car Privately: Pros And Cons

A popular model with the features buyers want, in outstanding condition with low miles and all maintenance receipts is the best choice for a private sale. This type of vehicle will sell quickly.

If your existing vehicle does not match these requirements, you might consider trading it in.


Even after you include the expense of detailing and any other care your car may require before it is advertised, you may still be able to sell it for more money if you are selling a car privately.

In almost every scenario, the amount of money you receive through a trade-in is much less than the amount you would receive from selling a vehicle privately.

But this is only true if the vehicle is a desirable model and is in demand.


Selling a car privately might take a lot of time and effort. You may need to gather paperwork such as your car’s title and maintenance records, decide on a reasonable selling price, clean and list it, screen all possible buyers, and even do test drives.

After you’ve done all of that and found a buyer, you’ll need to fill out a load of paperwork so the buyer can register the vehicle’s title in their name. It can take weeks if you are selling a car privately in NSW or any other place in Australia.

If the car isn’t in high demand, it could take even months. During that period, you’ll need to spend money on advertising and keep maintaining the car because potential purchasers will call at any time to see it.

Most of the time, you won’t realize it’s sold until the buyer shows up and takes it away. Once you’ve found someone who is interested in buying your car, you’ll need to travel to the DMV to complete the paperwork.

Start by googling or asking an expert “Why consider selling a car privately?” and you’ll know all the risks and drawbacks of this method.

Trading It In at The Dealership: Pros And Cons


Any car, in any condition, will be accepted by a car dealership. Dents, scratches, dings, rust, and rips in upholstery, are trivial to them. You can have the car towed in as a trade even if it doesn’t run.

Obviously, you won’t get top cash for the car, but you’ll be free of it and all of its problems. It’s also straightforward to trade a car in at a dealership. It only takes a few minutes, and you may do it on your own time on any given day.

Going to one or more dealerships to receive quotes, deciding where you want to trade in your car, and finalizing the purchase at the dealership by filling out sales paperwork is all that you have to do.

If you have an old auto loan, the car dealership may take care of transferring the title and registering the vehicle, as well as paying off your old loan. There is no outlay of time or money, and the dealership handles all the paperwork after a few easy signings.

A trade-in may be the greatest alternative if you know that the dealership is selling a vehicle you want; however, if you plan to buy a car elsewhere or don’t want a new car at all, you’ll be better off selling a car privately.


The dealership is certainly going to offer you less than the actual “trade-in” value of your car. The reason for this is that a trade-in vehicle will either be cleaned up and sold on the dealer’s used car lot or it will be wholesaled at an auction.

The dealer is investing money and time in paperwork, prepping the vehicle for sale, bringing the vehicle to the auction, and other costs. As a result, unless the trade-in is in near-perfect condition and will be easy to resell, the dealer will not pay much for it.

Final Verdict

The choice of selling a car privately and trading it in boils down to two questions: How important is it for you to achieve the best possible price for your old vehicle, and how much work are you willing to put into selling it?

However, if you still owe money on your auto loan and are unable to pay it off right now, you may want to hold off on selling or trading in your vehicle. You might not be able to sell your car privately otherwise.

If you trade in your car, some dealers may pay off your old loan. Depending on the car, the difference between trading a car in and selling a car privately could be hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

However, the extra money may not be worth the effort of selling your car privately.

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