Scrapping a Vehicle
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  • Jun 25, 2022

So you are thinking of scrapping a vehicle. As easy as it might sound, there are a lot of doubts and questions that might arise in your mind throughout the process. Is my car worth scrapping? How much will I get paid? How will this help me?

But these questions are just the tip of an iceberg and there are a lot of things that go into your scrapping a vehicle experience. Firstly, you cannot estimate the price of your scrap car by just having a glance at it.

A recycling facility analyzes each and every component to come up with a worthy price. Also before scrapping a vehicle, you must know its benefits for you and the environment. Here are some common factors that affect a scrap car’s worth:

Scrapping a vehicle – YEAR/MAKE/MODEL

The most basic thing that affects your scrap car’s worth is its type. The year, make and model of a car plays a significant role in determining its worth even if it is an end-of-life vehicle.

Since car materials can change a great deal from year to year, the fact that a scrap car was manufactured in a specific year makes a notable difference. For example, a car manufactured in the 80s will have more metal density than today.

Modern cars might have more environmentally friendly plastic. Also, scrap cars with more aluminum and steel content are worth more. Year/make/model also affects the other factors that are mentioned below.

For example, consider a car that is fairly common and whose parts manufacturing has been completely stopped by the makers. This will result in a higher demand for the spare parts that your car might have, directly increasing your scrap’s worth

Total Weight and Price of Metal Scrap

A scrap car consists of 70-80% metal like aluminum, steel, iron, etc. Everything from the hood and seats to radiators and engine has some or all metal content.

An average car contains about 1000kg of steel and 150kg of aluminum but SUVs and trucks can have a lot higher metal weight. One might consider these as small factors but metal recyclers value scrap metals like gold.

The rate of these specific metals can contribute to a scrap car’s worth. These rates keep on changing from year to year.

Demand for Parts

Every part that can be recycled and reused like a battery, oil pump, etc is always in demand. The market value of those parts is based on how high the demand is.

Demand and value are directly proportional as the higher the demand, the higher the value. Also, if other people with the same car as yours need frequent repairs and parts are hard to find then the demand is high.

This means that your scrap is worth more money. If your scrap has working tires, suspension parts, lights, and other exterior parts then prices are bound to go up. If certain car parts are not sold frequently then the scrap car’s worth might go down.

The demand for certain parts might also vary according to location.

Overall Condition of Vehicle

The condition of your vehicle determines what the buyer can do with it. If it is in good condition and can be restored for a good profit then you will get paid well. If it is completely useless and has to be wrecked then you will get paid less.

The overall condition of your vehicle is determined by many factors. The working state of spare parts and the age of the metal will determine how much you will get paid. If the metal is rusty and old then obviously you will receive less money.


Your location or the location of the scrap car also plays a considerable role in its price. Since the price of scrap metal and the popularity of specific vehicles varies from location to location, this factor cannot be neglected.

Also, the distance from your vicinity to the scrapyard or Cash For Car service provider can add up your costs of transportation. So it is important to choose scrap yards that are either in your neighborhood or provide free towing service.

For people living in Sydney and Newcastle, A1 Express Car Removal can help you remove your car for free and pay up to $50,000 right on the spot.

Benefits of Scrapping A Vehicle

Scrapping a vehicle is not just about the price. The responsible feeling and a sigh of relief that come with it is more than thousands of dollars.

When you scrap a car instead of dumping it in a landfill, you have not only made some money but also played your part in environmental well-being. The main benefits of scrapping a vehicle are:

Scrapping a Vehicle is Eco-friendly

Eco-friendly might is not the first word that arises in your mind when you hear scrapyard. Scrap Yards are unappealing places with old cars and metal junk stacked together.

But despite the unpleasant view that they offer, scrapyards carry great importance in maintaining environmental-wellbeing. Have you ever wondered where all our old cards would be if there were no scrap yards?

They would end up in some landfill where they will release toxic fluids causing environmental degradation. But a scrapyard collects your old car and recycles all the important parts and reduces the manufacturing process.

So, the next time when you are scrapping a vehicle, don’t just think about profit or loss but keep in mind that you are also contributing to environmental well-being.

Scrapping a Vehicle Helps You Make Some Extra Cash

Newcastle, A1 Express Car Removal can help you with this. We intake any type of vehicle regardless of the make, model, year and condition and pay up to $50,000 right on the spot.

So, if you have a scrap car and looking for scrapping a vehicle, then pick up the phone and contact us now.

Scrapping a Vehicle Helps You Make Space In Your Vicinity

An old scrap car collects rust and dust and sits all day in your garage. It can neither take you to places nor make things easy for you. The space that it is consuming in your garage or yard can be instead utilized for something more important.

All in all, your scrap car is more than a piece of useless metal. The way it is treated can have a huge impact on you, your bank balance, and the environment. To get the most for your scrap car choose a scrapyard near your location and sell as quickly as possible.

Factors like make/model/year, condition price of metal scrap, etc play a huge role in determining the price. The price of scrapping a vehicle can range anywhere from $100 to $10,000.

For people living in the Sydney or Newcastle area, A1 Express Car Removal can be your best option as we provide cash of up to $10,000 for your scrap car right on the spot.

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