Scrap Car Prices Triple Around Australia: Now Is The Best Time To Sell

Scrap Car Prices
  • A1 Express
  • Jun 25, 2022

The COVID-19 crisis has had an impact on scrap car prices! Where can I get the most money for my car if I scrap it?

Throughout 2020 and 2021, the steel scrap supply in Australia was pressured by regional Covid-19 lockdowns and a general drop in economic production, according to scrap market experts. The decrease in scrap generated in Australia has lowered the volume of material available for export from the country and rising scrap car prices for whatever is available.

From Southern Australia, where severe lockdowns were in place, or the Western Coast where outbreaks had been less frequent, COVID-19 transmission has definitely hurt the scrap supply everywhere. Currently, since the ports have reopened and the demand for scrap metal has skyrocketed, Australian scrap yards are offering great scrap car prices. No matter where you live, scrap yards and metal recycling companies are willing to pay you handsomely and the offers aren’t coming down for a while.

New, more direct trade channels are opening up, allowing scrap metals to be shipped faster and for less money. Previously, shipping from Australia to China took up to 30 days; however, these new trade routes are expected to reduce that time to just 13 days. While this increase in scrap car prices may put buyers in a difficult position, it is good news for sellers. It’s now or never to get rid of scrap metal or old cars for parts. Taking advantage of programs like A1 Express Car Removal’s Cash for Scrap Cars are simple methods to profit from the industry’s growth.

40% Increase On Scrap Value In Australia From Covid: What Is The Reason?

The car recycling sector, like many others, has encountered difficulty during the last year. Ports were forced to close due to the coronavirus epidemic, limiting international shipments, and producers of non-essential items like scrap metal were hammered hard. The pandemic also put a stop to the manufacture of materials and processes needed to generate scraps, such as semiconductors and automotive supply chains. Companies all across the world are scrambling to make up for lost time and keep up with rising scrap metal demand.

Increasing vaccination rollouts around the world, economic stimulus initiatives, and increased global trade have all occurred in recent months. The scrap metal business, which was hit hard by the epidemic, is currently witnessing a substantial recovery. The current scarcity of scrap metals has boosted worldwide demand significantly. As coronavirus restrictions loosen and residents try to spend their stimulus checks, products ranging from electronics to appliances will continue to be in high demand.

Now Is The Best Time To Scrap Your Car: Scrap Car Prices Skyrockets In Australia

Scrap car prices are on the rise, which means they have increased. With increasing scrap metal rates, now is an excellent time to scrap your car. You may also be able to sell your car for a higher sum.

A car will always have some economic worth. It is taken into consideration the daily price of scrap, iron, and other metals in and under the car. This refers to the kilogram weight. However, the car’s year model, as well as the make, choices, and body type, are all crucial. When you’re in a financial bind, the car can always help you out. It’s possible that the scrap automobile is worth more than the car’s residual value. It depends on the year of manufacturing, whether the car is newer or older than ten years, as well as the manufacturer, model, fuel type, miles driven, and export. The condition of the car, the extra options, the color of the body, and the demand for used parts are all factors that are considered. As a result, the scrap car may be worth more than you believe.

With the pandemic restrictions being lifted all over the world, the demand for scrap metals like copper, iron, steel, and aluminum is on the rise. So if you were looking for a good time to get rid of your old clunker, this is it. The Asian giants India and China have started importing Scrap Metal through their ports, especially from Oceania and your scrap car could now be more valuable than ever.

Sell Your Old Car To A1 Express Car Removal And Earn Up To $9999 Today

Your car depreciates over time, and the longer you keep it, the less worth it has. Why? The reason for this is that a car with some salvageable pieces will fetch more money, and as time goes, those parts will deteriorate as well. Profit from increasing scrap car prices by selling your scrap car for cash as soon as feasible. Your car no longer passes inspection, and the repair fees are prohibitively expensive. Regrettably, the vehicle has reached the end of its useful life and must be scrapped.

What is the mechanism behind this? How can you be sure that your vehicle will be recycled in an environmentally friendly manner? A1 Express Car removal is a recognized and insured company that ensures that automobile scraping is done in an environmentally safe manner with no dangerous materials left behind. All liquids and other dangerous substances, such as the battery, are removed from the scrap car. Parts that can be reused are dismantled. Most junkyards keep these parts in a warehouse until they’re ready to sell. After that, the scrap metal is sold separately. We have always paid our customers much more as compared to our rivals and due to the pandemic’s effect on scrap car prices, our offers are only going up. With more people focusing on scrapping their old cars rather than spending on expensive repairs, we have started focusing on rendering a hassle-free scrap car removal service.  Through our extensive network of scrap metal suppliers, manufacturers, and recyclers, we assist you in getting the best value for your scrap car.

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