complete guide on selling an unwanted car
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  • Nov 28, 2023

Guide On Selling An Unwanted Car

Looking for a helpful guide on selling an unwanted car? Then, you have browsed the correct site. If your old car starts getting old and malfunctioning, we suggest buying new spare parts and mend the automobile on the whole.

But if your car is really old and requires too much effort and money to get it working once again, repairing the vehicle may not be a good idea. It might stop working anywhere in the middle of your journey leaving you stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Needless to mention, repairing such vehicles requires a ton of money, which is not worth it most of the time. The only wise option you can find in the guide on selling an unwanted car in such a scenario would be to get rid of the car.

This way you can stop your car from hogging all the necessary space in your backyard/garage and you can also make good money in return. It is a win-win situation.

But there are a few things to consider while selling your old and unwanted cars, which would bring you maximum profit. And in this article, we will be providing a complete guide on selling an unwanted car and getting the most value out of it.

If you make it to the end, you will easily be able to understand the method most suitable mentioned in the guide on selling an unwanted car.

Guide on selling an unwanted car – Sell It To Cash For Car Services/ Scrapyards

If you are in a hurry and want to get rid of your old car for cash as soon as possible, this is the most convenient option for you. There are a number of services available these days that provide you top dollar cash for your old cars.

Their process is very fast and simple. You can search for reputed and well-known Cash For Car service providers in your area through the internet within minutes. You can even refer your friends, neighbors, etc for the same.

Once you decide to go with a particular service, you just have to call them and they will send their team of experts to your location to inspect your car. After the inspection, they will prepare a report and offer you a quote depending on the condition of the car.

If you accept their offer, what they will do next is get your car removed at no extra cost and pay you the promised amount in cash. As simple as that. But be sure to contact a CFC service provider from near your neighborhood because sometimes transportation can cost you some extra cash.

You don’t have to worry about the brand, model, or year of your car, as these services don’t consider these things when they are buying your unwanted car. But get the paperwork ready and make sure that you have no valuables left inside your car.

Here are a few things mentioned in the guide on selling an unwanted car to consider while selling your car to a CFC service provider:

  • Choose the scrapyard that is nearest to your neighborhood and those which provide free car removal service. If you choose the CFCs that are a few miles away, additional charges may be applied for transportation.
  • Compare all the service providers in your neighborhood and choose the one which offers you the highest price.

Hou you find your best choice reading this guide on selling an unwanted car.

Sell it to car dealerships

Car dealerships are another place to consider while getting rid of your unwanted car. You can trade in your old car for a new one or a pre-owned vehicle. Sometimes dealerships will even accept your car even without buying another vehicle, although this is not that common.

But the thing about these dealerships is that they are profit-oriented. So you might not get paid as per the resale value. Some dealerships might even pay you more than your car is worth, but be careful that they aren’t just increasing the value of your vehicle at the cost of a possible discount on the vehicle you’re looking at.

Selling an old car to a dealership can also help you get a fair deal for a new car in the same dealership. To get good deals from car dealerships, keep your vehicle in top-notch condition.

Make sure that the vehicle is polished and the engine runs smoothly because some car dealerships won’t even acknowledge scrappy-looking vehicles.

Car dealerships are professional and provide a secure business experience. However, if you want to get away from all the hassle that comes along with paperwork and other stuff, you better avoid a car dealership.

Selling the car on your own

If you want to get the highest amount for your car then surely go for this guide on selling an unwanted car. But you will need to have a lot of patience during the process, as well as put in all your hard work and dedication.

You can easily get an estimated amount by filling in all the details of your car on different websites. Make sure that you enter accurate details, as filling in false details can lead to a variation in the amount.

After that, you can even put up an online ad. You can publish your ad on various online marketplaces like Facebook, eBay, etc. While publishing ads don’t include your personal details like address or other contact information, just to be on the safe side.

Also, make sure to not include your or your family members’ face in the ad photos. To leave a good first impression on potential buyers, wash and wax your car properly. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the seats thoroughly and make sure that your car doesn’t smell awful from the inside.

Arrange all the documents related to your car. You can definitely quote a high price for your car, as potential buyers, in this case, tend to negotiate a lot and you are surely not going to receive the amount mentioned in your ads.

If everything goes your way, you can make a lot more money by this method, as compared to selling it to a cash car dealer. Here are some other things to take care of while selling your car on your own:

  • Always deal in a public spot. If possible, take a friend with you while dealing but let the buyer know about this ahead of time.
  • Don’t get too personal with the buyer. Don’t ask any personal questions and if the buyer does so, immediately back out.

Donate your car to a charity

If you don’t find the above methods in the guide on selling an unwanted car, you can consider the option of donating it to charity. This method is practiced all around the globe by a lot of people.

There are many charities that run programs where you can easily donate your used cars or unwanted car.  Some of them employ underprivileged people to repair them and return them to service on the road.

On the other hand, some of them use or sell their spare parts or just send them to a recycling yard for cash.  A full non-profit charity will donate all the money collected from your old car to a good cause.

Finally, you will receive a receipt for the fair market value of the car you donate to them, which can even help you get an income tax deduction.  But be aware that there are a lot of car donation scammers out there. So always investigate the organization before donating to it.

All in all, finding a guide on selling your unwanted car is a tough and tiring process. You may or may not get the deal you were looking for. But bringing in the use of the methods mentioned in the guide on selling an unwanted car is definitely going to help you a lot.

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