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  • A1 Express
  • Jun 25, 2022

A recent article in the Adelaide Advertiser called “Fake buyers in new car-stealing racket” (October 14) reported on an emergent trend of hoax buyers tricking individuals.

The crafty crooks have a well-rehearsed routine whereby they contact a person who has a car for sale online. They will offer a price and then produce false receipts, documents, or screenshots to convince the seller that payment has been processed.

The sellers then complete the sign-over process but end up with no money showing up in their accounts. Most of these cars end up over the border never to be seen again, and with the seller left out of pocket.

Many car sellers fall victim to such traps and end up losing their cars for no cash. But Wreckers near me is a completely reliable and trustworthy car buyer in this case. If you want cash for cars here in Adelaide, don’t risk being fooled or tricked.

Contact us if you want to deal with a reputable, licensed, and trustworthy car buyer who will give you cash for cars today. Moreover, we don’t back out from our initial offer or quote and guarantee the payment we offered.

On top of all this, we will remove your car for free.

We’re licensed – Not all fake buyers are licensed

We’re a completely licensed and legitimate business established and based here in Adelaide. For more than a decade we have been helping SA dwellers with the disposal of their unwanted cars.

When we buy your car or help you with old car removal in Adelaide, you can trust us to turn up on time, with the agreed amount ready. No haggling- we pay what we offer. We pay you decent cash for unwanted cars. That’s our job!

We pay cash for cars – A1 Express Car Removal

We’ll give you cash for cars, cash for trucks, cash for utes, etc. We pay in cash so you don’t have to worry about dodgy bank transfers. You’ll see your cash before we drive or tow your car away. We pay up to $9999 right on the spot.

Even for your old, flooded, damaged, broken, and unroadworthy car, you can get this unbelievable amount.

Our team

Most of our experienced staff have been in the business for more than a decade. We consider ourselves to be the most professional scrap car buyer Adelaide has to offer.

Our staff is courteous and friendly, they’ll talk you through every step of the process and are completely trustworthy.

Before finalizing the deal we will make you go through all the necessary processes and paperwork so that you won’t have to bear any consequences in the future.

Fake Buyers – Don’t risk dealing with a criminal

You’ve read the stories where sellers in Adelaide are being scammed and ending up without their car and without cash. Don’t let this happen to you- if you want to see your secondhand car sale go through smoothly and without any hiccups, let us give you cash for that unwanted car today.

Car scams are getting quite popular nowadays since sellers are eager to let go of their old cars. To get rid of their car for good cash, they end up making harsh decisions without putting much thought into their decisions.

If you are among such people then think twice. While getting rid of an old car must be your top priority before buying a new one, making wise decisions is crucial. If you want to prevent yourself from being scammed or tricked, then contact us now.

Total Wreckers assures the most reliable and trustworthy services. When selling your car, be smart and take your time. If you are selling your car through online marketplaces or social media sites like eBay, Gumtree, or Facebook, you should know that selling through these sites makes you more vulnerable.

Fake buyers and scammers are always waiting for your ads and are ready to strike. Here are some tips that might help you prevent yourself from such online fake buyers:

   Fake Buyers: Tip to prevent

  • The sale will flow smoothly if your buyer is legitimate and fair. First, speak on the phone with the buyer. Many fake buyers hide behind fake email accounts that do not provide their location with any details.
  • Ask customers to send you their phone numbers and set up a chat time; the swindlers are going to vanish fast. Check the phone number and email of a buyer when in doubt. Use search engines if necessary.
  • Fake buyers could, on purpose, get into an accident or damage the vehicle, and then say that when they purchased it, it was already damaged. Then they could try to make you pay for something that wasn’t your fault.
  • Make sure you describe your car accurately and thoroughly when making your advertising online, including any vehicle flaws. This will help you prevent this scam.
  • Another popular scam is when a customer will say that they have paid, but before you ship the vehicle, the online payment service provider holds the money. Be careful of receipts from emails.
  • Make sure the money has entered your bank account before you part with your vehicle.
  • It’s not unheard of to purchase a car without seeing it beforehand, but it’s very rare. So be vigilant when someone is ready to buy your vehicle without first seeing it in person.
  • Don’t be fooled by email receipts that are fraudulent.
  • For money transfers and cheques, take your time.
  • Don’t allow other people, on behalf of the fake buyers, to pay for the vehicle.

While selling online has its own perks, the fake buyers risks are also quite inevitable. If you want to avoid all the complex conversations with the fake buyers then contact us now.

You aren’t going to get a better price for your vehicle anyway. Give us a ring at any time from anywhere in Adelaide- 0488847247.

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