Top 5 Questions to ask before Selling your Old Car to a Car Wreckers near you

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  • A1 Express
  • Jun 24, 2023

Nowadays, selling your old car to car wreckers has become a tough nut to crack. But selling an old car in good running condition is however an easy task in comparison to non-running cars. Not everything is in the same condition as you have bought over a while.

As time passes, your new car will start showing its defects and it may wear out over a while. Its spare parts need to be replaced after some years. You must be seeking some generous ways to manage your old scrap car.

However, selling an old car to a car wreckers near you would be an ideal option for your wrecked vehicle. In this blog post, we will discuss the top 5 questions that you must ask before selling your old car to a car wrecker near you.

Top 5 Questions that you must ask before Selling your Old Car to a Car Wrecker near you

These 5 questions are the most considerable questions before you hand over your unwanted vehicle to any Car Wreckers close to your location.

1. Is the quote offered for your old car fair?

The first question that arises in the mind of a car owner is whether the price offered for your old vehicle is fair or not. The most considerable part of selling your old and unwanted vehicle to A1 Express Car Removal is to choose a reliable and experienced car wrecker.

To get top cash up to $9999 for your old and unwanted vehicle, hand over your vehicle to Car Wreckers. Private car buyers or dealers look for cars that are in good working condition and will purchase the vehicles paying low costs.

But if the car is no longer in working condition and requires lots of money to repair to take back on the road, then you must look for reliable car wreckers that will pick up your car for free. And they will also pay you the worthy amount for your vehicle without spending any money on fixing it.

Choose A1 Express Car Removal company to sell your old car for top cash and save on repair and other costs. As Car Wreckers accept all types of vehicles no matter the condition.

2. How does a reliable car removal company like A1 Express Car Removal work?

Once you know the price that a car removal company is offering and if the amount is worth it, you can ping them and provide some basic details of your vehicle and request for an instant quote. One of our car appraiser team members will view the details related to your vehicle and provide you with a fair quote in no time.

If you are happy with the quote offered by us, then we will schedule a particular date and time that will be convenient for you to pick up your vehicle. After that, we will come to your place with our towing truck to tow your vehicle and pay the decided amount on the spot.

We have made these processes so fast and quick that we can complete all these processes in a single day.

3. Are the car wreckers working in this industry professional?

Before we sell our old vehicle to a car wrecker, we need to do some research about the wreckers whom we are selling our car. You need to ensure whether the car wreckers are professional or not whether they will perform all the work properly or not and whether they are committed to their words or they will pay you the price offered.

These are some important things you need to ensure before you sell your old car to any car wreckers. You can check out the reviews and ratings to know more about the standard of services they are offering.

4. How much money should I determine to sell my old car?

This is the most considerable question a car owner must think about. The car owner should be aware of the car market prices and decide the accurate sum of money before they opt to sell their vehicle. The amount should be determined seeing the condition of your vehicle, make, model, and age.

Usually, if you opt to sell your old vehicle to A1 Express Car Removal, you will definitely get the highest possible cash up to $9999 for your old, scrap vehicle on the spot without any haggling. We are renowned as the best car wreckers in Australia and also offer zero costs for removal and towing services.

So you don’t have to think about any extra expenses during the deal.

5. Is it necessary to take out the Number Plate from the vehicle?

Yes, it is important to take out the number plate and submit it to the transport department before you sell your old vehicle to a car wrecker. Some of the car wreckers will return the number plate while they eliminate or tow your vehicle.

Whenever you sell your old car, please do not forget to remove the number plate from your car. However, you must choose reliable car wreckers of A1 Express Car Removal at 0488847247 for the best offers and hassle-free car removal services.


If you have an old car just standing still in your backyard and want to sell and earn some cash, then you must sell your old car to car wreckers of A1 Express Car Removal and earn some good cash up to $9999 on the spot.

No matter whether your car is running or not, wrecked, damaged, broken, etc. we will accept it all in our wrecking yard. Call us immediately and free yourself from all the hassles.

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