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  • Jun 30, 2023

Looking for the Best Car Wreckers in Wollongong to sell your wrecked car for cash? Parking useless and unwanted cars in the garage and driveway only takes up space. And it only gathers dust and rust over time. Selling such junk cars is a good idea in such a situation.

You can not just make some space to park a new vehicle but also earn some money in the process. But for people living in Wollongong, this can be a tough job. The abundance of Car Wreckers in Wollongong might keep you confused over which one to pick.

Sometimes you will make a good profit but other times you might have to walk away with nothing but remorse. To end this, A1 Express Car Removal is at your service. We have been paying the best Cash For Scrap Cars Wollongong.

Whatever the brand, model, age, or condition, A1 Express Car Removal pays top dollar for your old cars and pays it right on the spot. If you make it to the end of this post, you will know exactly what makes A1 Express the best car removal company for Wollongong residents. Call Car Wreckers in Wollongong now and get top Cash For Cars up to $9,999 on the spot.

Car Wreckers in Wollongong Provides Instant Cash Of Up to $9,999 For Your Old Cars

By buying all kinds of vehicles, we are trying to develop A1 Express as the most convenient spot for trading vehicles. And to keep things exciting, Wollongong Wreckers are providing a big deal of money to our fellow customers.

Looking at the situation of the vehicle, we are providing instant cash of up to $9999. That’s seriously a big sum of money. So whenever you sell your automobiles through Wollongong Car Wreckers, you can load your wallet with thick wads of cash.

What makes our service even more appealing is that we don’t care about the brand or the model or where it is made. Car Wreckers in Wollongong treat all kinds of vehicles the same and pay worthy cash for them. So with us, you get the best cash for Japanese cars, American, or European ones.

The following are the vehicles that usually make it to our scrap yards.

  • Japanese Cars: Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Honda, Subaru, Lexus, Isuzu, Daihatsu
  • European Cars: Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Porsche, Opel, Volkswagen in Germany, Fiat, Alfa Romeo
  • American Cars: Ford, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Tesla, and Holden

Quickest And Free Car Pick Up – Car Wreckers in Wollongong

Removal of vehicles from your vicinity is not an easy job. If the car is damaged, broken, or wrecked, it can further complicate the work. So when you sell your damaged car, you usually have to call a separate car removal company to tow away the vehicle.

And these kinds of services are usually exorbitant. Although considering how tough the job of vehicle pickup can get, this sounds quite reasonable. But wouldn’t it be just great if the car buyers come to your place and pick up your old junk, without demanding extra charges?

Well, your prayers have been answered. Car Wreckers in Wollongong doesn’t just buy your vehicle but also removes it from your property. The service of Cash For Cars in Australia is bundled with free Scrap Car Removal Newcastle. So you won’t have to worry about pick up.

And what’s even better is Auto Wreckers Wollongong is providing this service free of cost. Our Car Wreckers in Wollongong service ensures a free scrap car pick-up, so you have one more reason to work with us.

We Render Free Car Disposal and Green Auto Recycling Services – Car Wreckers in Wollongong

Being the best Car Wreckers in Wollongong, it is our duty to not only pay for your old car but also plan and implement a safe disposal method. When a vehicle arrives at our scrap yard, it isn’t immediately tossed into the landfill and piled up together with other old cars and metal waste.

This is an unethical way of disposal and we condemn this. Rather, we separate the parts that are still functional or can be restored because recycling is our primary priority. The purpose of doing all this is to ensure that whenever manufacturers produce a metal product, virgin metal, and ores aren’t exploited all the time.

Instead, manufacturers can use recycled metal which is almost similar to the new one in terms of strength and in fact, reduces energy consumption. We adhere to all safety precautions and policies while recycling scrap metal from your old vehicle.

Besides, we recycle numerous automobile components like batteries, tires, auto glass, wheels, oil filters, automotive fluids, and radiators. However, we find ourselves in charge of the safe disposal of junk cars as one of the leading Car Wreckers in Wollongong.

When you sell your old cars to Car Wreckers in Wollongong, you not only get paid, but you also help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Get an Instant Quote Within Minutes – Wrecker Wollongong

The traditional method of disposing of your old car involves getting quotes from nearby scrap yards or dealerships, comparing all of them, and deciding which one is most lucrative for you. This means you are up for some definite legwork and the chances of getting scammed or ripped off are equally unavoidable.

But with A1 Express Car Removal, the best Car Wreckers in Wollongong, the process of getting a quote for your old car has been streamlined and now you can get one within a few minutes from the comfort of your couch. But why should you accept our offer; what’s so special about this quote?

First of all, this is an obligation-free quote and can be used as an online valuation just to determine the approximate worth of your car if you are trying to sell it privately. Car Wreckers in  Wollongong guarantees to beat any quote in the market by at least 10% and this is what makes us stand out from the herd.

You just have to provide us with some details about your car and your location and Car Wreckers in Wollongong will get back to you within minutes with an irrefutable quote. As simple as that.

What factors do we consider before paying for your car?

Numerous factors determine the value of an old car and all these factors are examined thoroughly. Here, we pay a worthy amount for your old car considering the factors listed below:

  • The basic factors that play the most important role in determining the value of your old car are its make/year/model. Parts and components from certain vehicles of certain models are always in high demand. Whereas, other vehicles that don’t have much to offer aren’t valued quite well. Luxury and vintage cars will land you great deals even when they are a total mess. We value some internal components and built-in accessories like gold in the market and some antique pieces even go for millions.
  • One way or the other, it all comes down to the total metal content of your car when estimating its worth. A scrap car is made up of 70-80% metal, such as aluminum, steel, and iron, and every component no matter how big or small has some or all metal content. These components include the hood, seats, doors, engine, etc. A regular family car or a sedan weighs roughly 1000kg of steel and 150 kg of aluminum. Whereas, SUVs and trucks can weigh much more making them a bit more worthy.
  • Some parts of a vehicle are more in-demand than others and there is no way around this. Even after meeting its end, a vehicle might have a lot to offer in terms of salvageable spare parts and other components like accessories that scrapyards can sell and make a profit. If the scrapyard isn’t too stingy, you will definitely get your fair share of profit. Parts like batteries, oil pumps, fuel pumps, radiators, etc, and other internal accessories like GPS, seat covers, and multimedia systems are some highly sought-after goods.

The Final Verdict 

Finally, Car Wreckers in Wollongong has to consider the overall condition of the vehicle. This includes everything mentioned above and much more. If the vehicle can be repaired and made roadworthy again, you will definitely get a better amount.

If the parts are worthless, the rust metal and the components are not usable then you must not expect a significant sum. Call Car Wreckers in Wollongong now!

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