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  • Jun 25, 2022

Car Recycling: The Lesser Known Environmental Benefits

Car recycling is essentially the dismantling of obsolete automobiles for the purpose of obtaining new parts and scrap metal. Old cars have virtually little value at the end of their useful lives and have thus become an ideal source of raw material for new car recycling. In reality, secondhand auto…

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  • A1 Express
  • Jun 25, 2022


Picture this. After months of shaky starts and shuddering at the lights, your car has finally broken down. You’ve had some strangers give you a push to the side of the road, your vehicle has been towed to the local mechanic and now you’re awaiting the call i.e., cash for…

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  • Jun 25, 2022

New Year’s Resolutions For Car Buyers Looking To Exchange Old Car For New

As we all know, the start of a new year is an excellent opportunity to make resolutions or establish goals to help you improve yourself over the year. It's usual to consider exercise, health-related activities, and even budget reductions. But how's it going with your ride? Do you require a…

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  • Jun 25, 2022

Sell Junk Cars for Cash: Get Instant Cash Up to $9999

Have you got a clunker sitting in your parking lot? If you are tired of finding a car buyer, get ready to sell your junk cars for cash to A1 Express Car Removal and get instant cash up to $9999. We are always ready to make an offer on your…

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